Jeff Commer

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Two guys and a Terminal or Swipe Brothers were our top choices for the company name in 2007, fortunately, we found something better, thanks dad!


Born an east coaster, migrated to sunny UW Oshkosh to recover from dyslexia, I ended up in Milwaukee (too many dinners in CT watching Happy Days I guess). As a 20 year veteran of being the local business merchant advocate and credit card guru (self-proclaimed), I can finally say, really? Where did the last two decades go? Oh yea, I love what I do and who I work with (for the most part, clean that fryer oil dagnabit). Setting up and servicing the corner restaurant or local dentist floats my boat, why, because I think I was born to help small business owners cut thru the minutia that is running a business and to help reach their goals and success.


I enjoy/love my kids, wife, family (mostly), friends, co-workers/swipe squad, dog and making pesto annually (our freezer is full of 1/2 pint containers which I sometimes share with the merchants I work with, but not a ton).


That is me in a pine nut shell, not sure they come in a shell, but you get it, right? One of two guys/brothers…out!

Scott Commer

Phone: 1-888-794-7311 EXT 704

Customers think of me as Mr. Persistent, never take no for an answer and fighting hard for our merchants. This Long Island guy crossed the Hudson to New Jersey in the early 90’s with AT&T where I built my Sales/Marketing/Product/Operations foundation. Moved into internet services and software with GE during the internet boom and transitioned into payment processing (with a strong push from my Bro) in the early 2000s. After working for an industry leader for over three years, it was time to form our own payments business and in 2007 SwipeWorks was created.


I enjoy educating our merchants to make sure they are processing payments correctly, receiving the lowest interchange/pricing as possible, and protecting them from chargebacks. Making sure they understand the use of plastic (and dippin’ chips and waving phones) is a priority of mine.


Happily married (to a triathlete realtor) and proud papa of two fine men (one has started his career, one a college senior). My coaching career of my sons has been over for a while, but not before a couple of championships Including Babe Ruth State Champ in 2011. I enjoy playing softball, and watching sports with the guys (Lets Go Rangers, C’mon its been 22 years already)!

The Swipe Squad

(along with 24/7/365 support from the worlds largest credit card processing network)