How We Help grow your business?


You want your customers to have the best experience, and that means giving them options at the point of sale. Take advantage of leading technology in POS systems to make it fast and easy for customers to checkout and connect with your business in and away from the store. And get all the data insights that help you grow and master your business. All this in a specialized package to reflect your type of business – be it a café, a pub, full-service restaurant, retail shop, appointment-based service, professional services and more.


Whatever your business, B2B & B2C, e-commerce, petroleum, healthcare, grocery, retail, or restaurant, we have an expert standing by, waiting to discuss card processing. Find your own business on our scenario tab to find out how we can help, or fill out the contact us form so we can pinpoint how to best meet your business needs.

B2B & B2C

Digital commerce is transforming the marketplace. Merchants encounter opportunities and competition on an increasingly global scale every day. The demand for fast, safe, and flexible payment options is universal. We bring one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of e-commerce/Card Not Present (CNP) products to help you optimize existing processes, grow into new payment arenas, and better integrate payment across multiple channels while qualifying for the lowest fees possible.


Whether you’re looking to establish, optimize, integrate, or expand your Internet, mobile and phone-based payment capabilities, SwipeWorks helps you derive additional value with reduced transaction expense and risk, increased revenue, and greater customer satisfaction. Our virtual terminal is capable of processing purchasing cards for both level II and level III business cards, which can reduce fees.


E-commerce continues to gain momentum as more consumers are making online purchases than ever before. But there are still barriers. Many North American households have never completed an online transaction, and fraud remains a significant threat to e-businesses. Whether home-based, in the field, or a new offering that needs to integrate into existing systems, our experts can customize secure payment solutions for your business. We ensure that customers keep their data private, while businesses quickly process transactions and gain revenue.


Paper or plastic? When your customers choose to swipe, dip or wave/tap our flexible solutions help enhance point-of-sale capabilities. SwipeWorks understands that supermarkets, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and other food retailers have unique payment needs that differentiate them from other retailers. We offer a complete range of payment options designed to enhance the point-of-sale and your customer’s shopping experience, streamlining credit, debit, and EBT processing with online access to real-time transaction data.


Let us handle card processing with the same type of care you provide to your patients. Our apples-to-apples checkup is on the house! With the latest technologies and improved speed, accuracy, and security, we’ll keep your costs under control so that you and your staff can focus on patients.


Nowadays, many customers pay at the pump, and point-of-sale solutions are becoming increasingly complex (in fact gas stations will need to integrate EMV/Chip capability to their gas pumps in 2017). The rise of electronic payments lowers labor costs but increases the fees paid for transaction processing. Reducing these costs has never been more urgent. Enter SwipeWorks’ National Branded Chain Pricing for the independent gas station/convenience store.


Whether family-owned or national chain, fine dining or fast food, SwipeWorks offers a full range of payment processing products and services so that restaurateurs can choose the right mix of features for their business. Our flexible solutions help reach new customers, quicken transactions, increase average ticket size, and position businesses for future technological advancements.


SwipeWorks keeps rates low through streamlined credit and debit processing and programs like American Express Direct, tip guidelines, and online reporting 24/7, 365 days a year. SwipeWorks processes all of your card types together allowing for quicker funding (weekends can fund on Monday morning) and easy reconciliation, all card types on a single, easy to read statement.


As a single partner to process all your payment types, we help you reduce fraud and work with you to develop targeted, revenue-generating promotions like gift cards and loyalty programs.


Look no further for card processing solutions that are tailor-made for your retail business. Successful shop owners not only keep up with product trends, but also payment trends. In fact, expanding your payment options can even expand market reach. SwipeWorks has the experience and range of services (including credit, debit, gift cards, and loyalty programs) to complement your market strategy, all backed by extensive fraud-detection databases.


National merchants increasingly look to multi-channel marketing and a customer-focused approach to generate new forms of revenue. SwipeWorks makes it easy to explore the spectrum of new services that can help grow your customer base.


For local retailers, we scale payment processing for smaller businesses without sacrificing security or speed. We understand that local retailers deserve the same ease of payment and level of security as any other merchant. Our experts are happy to provide in-person training for our programs at no extra charge.