We offer technical support and service
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Credit Card Terminal/Technical Support:
If your merchant number starts with a 4 call: 1 (800) 542-1894
If your merchant number starts with a 5 call: 1 (800) 858-1166
If your merchant number starts with a 26 call: 1 (877) 274-7915


General questions, statements, batches, transaction information call:
1 (888) 794-7311 ext. 0, or fill out our contact form. Thank you, the SwipeWorks Squad.

Gift Card Questions

We do not have access to provide balance checks on gift cards; our company provides the plastic printing of the actual cards. For card balance information, please contact the company listed on the front of the gift card or check their website.


For all other support, have your merchant number (listed on your monthly statement or terminal receipt) available when you call.

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