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Gift Card

Gift cards are a valuable tool for business owners and a favorite purchase of loyal customers. With each card sold, your bookkeeping time is reduced, fraud is mitigated, and revenue is increased. Gift cards aren’t just for seasonal sales either — customized cards with your company’s logo and colors can be sold year-round.

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Now more than ever, it’s easy to reward loyal clients with incentives that keep them coming back. Our loyalty program lets customers earn points whenever they purchase goods or services from your business. They can, in turn, redeem those points for rewards. When enough points are earned, they are automatically converted into a monetary or non-monetary reward, depending on your company’s needs. From issuing points to reward fulfillment, our loyalty programs can be fully automated, meaning the upkeep is almost non-existent for you and your staff.


Beyond customer loyalty, how does your business benefit? Guest reward programs allow you to distinguish yourself from the competition. You’ll also collect customer demographic and contact information with every sign-up, leading to more marketing opportunities and chances to connect with customers. If you have a specific goal, like increasing traffic during a slow season or getting more purchases online or at a specific store location, we can even create a custom loyalty promotion to help you get there.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals

Our networks support hundreds of terminals and POS systems with countertop and mobile options to fit your company’s needs. Check out the latest options on the web from Verifone, Equinox, First Data, Apriva and Pax.

Check Programs

From check guarantee to remote deposit, we have a full line of check-acceptance products so that your business can welcome more checks with better protection. SwipeWorks uses leading risk-assessment technology and offers both verification and warranty service options to help you determine the level of risk coverage that’s right for your business. We can also implement Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA), where checks are converted to electronic transactions at the point-of-sale, streamlining the process. Business-to-business checks can also be sent and received electronically.

Cash Advance

Cash advances are a smart way to get working capital for many small- and medium-sized businesses. A cash advance is the purchase of future credit card receivables — it isn’t a loan. Sometimes called “credit card receivable funding” or “credit card factoring,” eligibility for a cash advance is primarily based on the strength and consistency of your company’s credit card sales.


A cash advance offers benefits that might not be available from other lenders or financial sources. For instance, poor or damaged personal credit scores won’t automatically disqualify your business from receiving a cash advance. And while many working capital options can take weeks or more to secure, a cash advance puts money in-hand in as few as three business days. SwipeWorks has partnered with a national cash advance company to provide our merchants this unique way to fund their business needs.